Is one olive oil the same as another? The eye, the palate and the heart say no!


The colour is fundamental part of an oil. Its deepp green is similar to the flesh of the olive, and is the typical characteristic of the best oils in our region. Green like the hills that cross most of the Umbrian landscape, green as the Nature from which this oil comes. Its full-bodied transparenency, its smoothness, together with its colour, all pre-announce the pleasure of the taste to come.


Try itdirectly on salad, in clear soup or, even better, on toated bread (bruschetta) without any other condiment apart from salt. You will get the strong taste of the olive that has just been milled, that slightly sweet sour taste, that taste which makes it a unique, irreplaceable condiment. We pick our olives when they not yet ripe in order to enhance the clean taste of the fruit and in order to maintein very low levels of acidity. An unripe olive yields less oil than a mature olive, but just taste the difference!

A top quality oil should not only be good, it should be also possess all those characteristics which make it preferable to any other fatty condiment. For example the monuunsaturated fatty acids it contains lower cholesterol an reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and, together with the antioxidants, increase blood flow and regulate arterial pressure. By helping the absorption of Vitamin  "E" they limit damage to the arteries and slow down ageing of the tissues.