The hill that run from Assisi down towards the springs of the Clitunno form, partly because of the climate, partly because their shape, the ideal ground on which to grow olives. Our olive groves, or "chiuse" as they are called here, are situated in the centre of this area, between Foligno and Trevi in a place called Cancellara.

The olive harvest is carried out by hand enables the fruit to be picked when it is not yet very mature. This ensures a minor quantity of linoleic acid which influences the organoleptic characteristics of the oil and steps up the ageing process.

Milling takes  place within 36 hours  from the time of picking in our own oil-mill so that the product is processede  by an ecological natural cold press method. The olive oil obtained in this way has a level of acidity of under 05% with a coefficient of digestibleness equal to 100.

IF you come and visit us (in the months of November / December) we will show you around our mill and let you taste what we have just described in words and you will be able to taste for yourselves that not all extra vergin olive oils are the same.  This oil is unique in quality and origin and is choise quality only and it can be appreciated best when used raw on any dish. The growing, harvesting and processing techniques all limit our production and prevent us from entering normal commercial distribuition channels. We only sell our oil at our mill or by mail-order using the attached card or you can call.