Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The color is fundamental in an olive oil. The intense green, so close to the color of the olive pulp, is the typical characteristic of the best olive oils of our region. Green as the hills that cross much of the Umbrian landscape, green as nature, of which this olive oil is a genuine passion. The full-bodied transparency, the soft fluidity announce with the color all the pleasure of tasting.


Try it raw on a salad, on a soup, on a broth or, better still, on a bruschetta without other seasonings over the salt. You will feel all the strong taste of the freshly ground olive, that bitter and sweetish taste together, that very particular taste that makes it a unique and irreplaceable condiment. We harvest our unripe olives to enhance all the clean taste of the fruit and to keep acidity at very low levels. An unripe olive makes much less oil than a ripe olive, but judge the difference.


A quality oil must not only be good, it must also have all those characteristics that make it preferable to any other fat seasoning. For example the monounsaturated fatty acids contained in it, lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and with antioxidants, increase the fluidity of the blood, regulate blood pressure. Furthermore favoring the absorption of vitamin “E“ they limit the damage of the arteries and slow down the aging of the tissues.