Oil Mill Company

Already in 1945 Metelli Family dedicated itself to the production of extra virgin olive oil in the rooms below the house located in Cancellara, a small town among the olive trees on the hills above Foligno.
At the beginning of 80’s, production was transferred to the mill in the new Sant’Eraclio plant near Foligno, equipped with modern olive processing systems that elevated the company to one of the first entrepreneurial realities in the olive-growing sector in Umbria, capable of obtaining a typical high quality product, combining tradition and technology.
Today the family-owned company cultivates 30 hectares of olive groves in the heart of the green hills that stretch from Foligno to Trevi on which about 15.000 varieties of plants Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino whose roots to find nourishment are forced to wedge in the cracks of the stony ground, thus limiting the quantity of production but giving the oil unique and incomparable organoleptic characteristics.
Today the company is equipped with a new continuous cycle processing system with cold oil extraction that allows to obtain an olive oil with high quality characteristics guaranteed also thanks to the Umbria Dop brand and the organic certification.
Our company pays particular attention to the entire production process by adopting the following precautions:

  • Harvesting carried out by hands with facilitators or shakers starting from around 10th of October each year, a period in which the fruits have just started to ripen and therefore able to guarantee the highest quality even if at the expense of a lower yield.
  • Start of olive processing on the same day of harvest, to avoid the start of oxidation processes.
  • Oil filtering before storage in stainless steel containers to avoid the formation of deposits that can generate organoleptic defects.
  • Storage and bottling in a controlled atmosphere to avoid oxidative processes, preserving the oil from aging.
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